Our intention

When establishing DRS in 2010, it was with the intent of helping struggling companies in Slovakia, especially those which suffered from the effects of the economic crisis. That was predominantly fulfilled through the practice of corporate restructuring, US-type of Chapter 11. As a result of hard work of DRS team, we have managed to help dozens of companies, slashing their debts by around 60 mil. EUR and protecting them from bankruptcies. This ethos of helping companies remains at the core of DRS till now.


DRS is the advisory firm specializing in two core areas; corporate restructuring and turnaround solutions, as well as business growth strategies and implementation. Our services are provided to small and medium-sized businesses both in Slovakia and abroad. We are known for hard work, honesty, always delivering for our Clients, asking tough questions and getting our hands dirty too.

What we do and how we help

DRS provides expertise and leadership that help you to identify problems and tackle them in the right way; as well as uncover strategies and opportunities that will grow your business. Having experience in various industries and fields, we do this with an outside and unbiased view. We stand by you, working with you as advisers, your partners, interim leaders, who tell you things you do not always want to hear. We are result and success driven, same as our remuneration.

Our core values


We like what we do. Helping other companies to grow, or in some cases rescuing them, is what we enjoy the most.

Client-oriented approach

Every Client is at the very centre of DRS. There is nothing more important than the existing Client. Everything else has a lower priority.


We have an open and honest approach both as humans and business partners. Our actions are always guided by ethical practices. This is the backbone of DRS values and relationships with our Clients. We expect the very same from our Clients though.

Result driven

We are results-driven company ad people. Achieving high results is what drives us in life. Where possible, remuneration of DRS is primarily success-based.

Getting dirty

We at DRS do not only carefully listen to you, tell you what you should do, we also execute strategies for you. We do the job.

About Us

DRS is the advisory firm specializing in two core areas; corporate restructuring and turnaround solutions, as well as business growth strategies and implementation.



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