DRS 2.0

After almost a decade of being fully engaged with delivering advisory solutions, it’s an ideal time to open a new chapter in the life of DRS, internally calling this chapter the DRS 2.0. Starting from scratch back in 2010, we have managed to help and work with various type of companies in Slovakia and abroad. From a small, family-run bakery in Slovenská Ves, at the foot of the Tatra Mountains, through multimillion Slovak companies employing hundreds of employees, to global corporations such as Ryanair, one of the most successful and biggest airlines in the world, regardless of their size and type of business, they all have one thing in common – a problem or set of problems to be resolved. Our business has been purely and literarily about solving people’s problems, often getting our hands dirty while doing so.

Our engagements started with corporate restructurings in Slovakia. These have been companies from different industries incl. food and beverage businesses such as bakery, dairy and soft drink manufacturers; various type of construction-related organizations incl. developers, construction companies, contractors, construction material manufacturers (windows, doors, facade, garage doors, prefabricated concrete elements); mining, engineering companies, retail firms incl. e-shops; transport and logistic companies, and businesses from various other sectors. These have been either formal, informal or organizational restructurings, although with most of the cases, we have to deploy a mix of approaches. The primarily goal has been to selvedge our clients’ businesses which were on the edge of bankruptcy. See some interesting case studies of Our Work of how we have helped customers of different size and industries in the area of restructuring and turnaround.

During our practice we have also helped out hundreds of individuals with their financial problems, utilizing the benefits of the personal bankruptcy legal framework. This allowed many to restart their lives, literarily. At the same time it was a very humbling experience to learn about causes which led people to seek shelter and rescue from some real life tragedies.

As DRS has evolved over the years, we have started focusing more and more on developing businesses of corporate clients incl. start-ups. This has taken form of some exciting projects and engagements, mostly with global reach and exposure to the e-commerce environment.

Work of DRS and all the great people involved continues with a client-oriented approach, integrity, full of passion, getting our hands dirty and always having fun. And this is what we are committed to do and deliver for our clients.

Prague | 10.10.2019